Those destinations that do proper planning will be better positioned for success in the future. Tourism Development Specialists, Inc. provides not only strategic planning assistance but will help the destination implement the strategic recommendations.

Strategic Planning

  • Tourism Funding Service: Searching for available money to fund festivals, marketing campaigns, supply development, or other tourism development initiatives.
  • Destination and project strategic planning: Working with the CVB, DMO, municipal organization, or tourism supplier/operator to develop multi-year strategic master plans.
  • Implementation assistance: Assisting with the implementation of our strategic recommendations developed during the planning process.
  • "Destination Recalibration": Providing a cost-effective way for small to mid-sized destinations to enlist the help of Specialists in the strategic planning process.
  • Proactive crisis contingency: Planning properly in advance for a wide array of crises, which could arise at any time, is vital for a destination to survive in volatile travel markets.
  • Destination advocacy: Working with destination leaders or private operators, we can assist with writing and presenting reports or presentations to the state legislature or city council. This can result in increased funding for marketing and operations, development incentives, or research actions.
  • Policy development assistance: Helping state or local tourism offices formulate tourism policy by addressing tax issues, funding initiatives, and organizational effectiveness, among other factors.
  • Philosophy, vision, and mission crafting: Developing the most appropriate philosophy, vision, and mission for the destination with the input of all stakeholders.
  • Economic and social impact assessments: Analyzing the positive and negative impacts of tourism in terms of economic and social concerns.
  • Organizational planning and design: Streamlining the operations of a tourism office in order to provide the most cost effective and efficient service to visitors.
  • Tourism Speakers' Bureau: Offering high-caliber speakers with pertinent and interesting tourism-related topics, which are important to tourism organizations.

Demand Development

Demand development is simply marketing. The demand development services we provide are elements of a successful marketing plan or demand creation initiative for the destination.

  • Marketing research and industry analysis: Designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be used to solve the destination's marketing problems or answer specific research questions.
  • Image and brand renewal: Identifying, through marketing research, critical issues that can help a destination improve its image and brand.
  • Transportation and way-finding assessments: Analyzing the signage and transportation routes throughout the destination to ensure ease of access for visitors.
  • Niche market development: (eco, "black spots", marine, cultural, historical, or heritage) Cultivating niche markets in a destination to increase the overall appeal for potential visitors.

Supply Development

For the destination to be truly successful, the appropriate quantity and quality of supply components must be in place. Supply components include tourism infrastructure, labor supply, festivals, and other events that draw tourists to the area.

  • Infrastructure and capital investment recruitment: Locating capable and interested real estate developers and investors to build and fund appropriate destination supply components.
  • Human resource training needs assessment: Auditing the state of the labor supply to determine the training needs of those providing services to visitors and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Festival and event planning: Organizing existing, or developing new festivals and special events, which can significantly impact tourism in a region.
  • Sports and film development: Recruiting sporting events and films to the state or local area that will draw tourists and give the area new exposure.

Other Services

The Specialists can make referrals to qualified consultants who specialize in the following areas at the property level: Concept development; feasibility, market studies, and valuations; mortgage, real estate and business brokerage; interim and long-term management; asset management; public relations; architectural and interior design; operational and management performance reviews; litigation support; development/renovation planning and execution; food facilities planning; technology design; and mystery shopping.



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